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List of abbreviations

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 1:26 pm    Post subject: List of abbreviations Reply with quote

A list of abbreviations stolen (with no remorse) from our sister site - thanks Adam!

Regiments & Units

A. & S. Hldrs - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
A. & S.H. - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
A.A.N.S. - Army Auxiliary Nursing Service
A.C.C - Army Cyclist Corps
A.E.C. - Army Education Corps
A.E.F. - Australians
A.F.S. - Auxiliary Fire Service
A.I.F. - Australian Imperial Force
A.L.H. - Australian Light Horse
A.O.C. - Army Ordnance Corps
A.P.C. - Army Pay Corps
A.P.D. - Army Pay Department
A.P.T.C. - Army Physical Training Corps
A.S.C. - Army Service Corps
A.S.C.M.T. - Army Service Corps (Motor Transport)
A.S.H. - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
A.T.S. - Auxiliary Territorial Service
A.V.C. - Army Veterinary Corps
A.Y. - Ayrshire Yeomanry
ANZAC - Australian & New Zealand Army Corps
Argylls - Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
B.R. - Border Regiment
B.R.C.S. - British Red Cross Society
B.W. - Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
B.W.I.R. - British West Indies Regiment
C.C. - Canadian Contingent (Note: G.G. may look similar on memorials)
C.E.F. - Canadian Expeditionary Force
C.F.A. - Canadian Field Artillery
C.F.C. - Canadian Forestry Corps
C.G. - Coldstream Guards
C.L.H. - Canadian Light Horse
C.L.Y. - City of London Yeomanry
C.M.P. - Corps of Military Police
C.M.R. - Canadian Mounted Rifles
C.R. - Connaught Rangers
Cam H. - Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Cam Hldrs - Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Cameronians - Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Camerons - Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Can - Canadians
Can F.S. - Canadian Fire Service
D.C.L.I. - Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry
D.F. - Royal Dublin Fusiliers
D.G. - Dragoon Guards
D.L.I. - Durham Light Infantry
D.W.R. - Duke of Wellingtons Regiment
DoWtns - Duke of Wellingtons Regiment
E.S.R. - East Surrey Regiment
E.Y.R. - East Yorkshire Regiment
F & F Yeo. - Fife & Forfar Yeomanry
F.A.A - Fleet Air Arm
F.A.N.Y. - First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Corps
F.F. - Frontier Force (Indian Army)
G.G - Grenadier Guards
G.H. - Gordon Highlanders
G.M.G.R. - Guards Machine Gun Regiment
G.P.R - Glider Pilot Regiment
G.Y. - Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
Gord. Hldrs - Gordon Highlanders
Gordons - Gordon Highlanders
H.A.C. - Honourable Artillery Company
H.C.B. - Highland Cyclist Battalion
H.G. - Home Guard
H.K.V.D.C - Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps
H.L.I. - Highland Light Infantry
H.M.C.G. - His Majesty's Coast Guard
H.M.D - His Majesty's Drifter
H.M.S. - His Majesty's Ship
H.M.T. - His Majesty's Transport
H.M.T. - His Majesty's Trawler
Ind. - Indian Army
K.A.R. - King's African Rifles
K.D.G. - Kings Dragoon Guards
K.E.H. - King Edwards Horse
K.O.S.B. - Kings Own Scottish Borderers
K.O.Y.L.I. - King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
K.R.R. - Kings Royal Rifle Corps
K.R.R.C. - Kings Royal Rifle Corps
K.S.L.I. - King's Shropshire Light Infantry
L & B.H. - Lothian & Border Horse
L.D.V. - Local Defence Volunteer
L.F. - Lancashire Fusiliers
L.G. - Life Guards
L.I. - Light Infantry
L.N.L.R. - Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
L.R. - London Regiment
L.S. - Lovat's Scouts
L.S. - London Scottish
L.Y. - Lanarkshire Yeomanry
Lon. Scot. - London Scottish
Lond. R. - London Regiment
Lovats - Lovat's Scouts
M.F.A. - Mercantile Fleet Auxiliary
M.F.P. - Military Foot Police
M.G.C. - Machine Gun Corps
M.M. - Merchant Marine
M.M.P. - Military Mounted Police
M.M.R. - Mercantile Marine Reserve
M.N. - Merchant Navy
M.P. - Military Police
M.T. - Motor Transport
M.T.B. - Motor Torpedo Boat
M.V. - Motor Vessel
N.A.A.F.I. - Navy, Army and Air Force Institute
N.C.B. - Northern Cyclist Battalion (based in Northumberland)
N.F. - Northumberland Fusiliers
N.I.H. - North Irish Horse
N.Z. - New Zealand
N.Z.E.F. - New Zealand Expeditionary Force
N.Z.I.F. - New Zealanders
O & B.L.I. - Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
O.C. - Ordnance Corps
O.T.C. - Officer Training Corps
P.P.C.L.I. - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
Para. - Parachute Regiment
Q.A.I.M.N.S. - Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
Q.A.I.M.N.S.R. - Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve
Q.A.R.A.N.C. - Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
Q.A.R.N.N.S. - Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service
Q.M.A.A.C. - Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
Q.O.C.H - Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Q.O.R.G.Y - Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
R Hldrs - Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
R.Innis.Fus. - Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
R.A. - Royal Artillery
R.A. Ch. D - Royal Army Chaplains Department
R.A.A.F - Royal Australian Air Force
R.A.C. - Royal Armoured Corps
R.A.F. - Royal Air Force
R.A.F.V.R. - Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
R.A.M.C. - Royal Army Medical Corps
R.A.N. - Royal Australian Navy
R.A.O.C. - Royal Army Ordnance Corps
R.A.P.C. - Royal Army Pay Corps
R.A.R. - Royal Australian Regiment
R.A.S.C. - Royal Army Service Corps
R.A.V.C. - Royal Army Veterinary Corps
R.Aus.R. - Royal Australian Regiment
R.C.A.F. - Royal Canadian Air Force
R.C.N. - Royal Canadian Navy
R.C.N.V.R. - Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve
R.C.S. - Royal Corps of Signals
R.D.C. - Royal Defence Corps
R.D.F. - Royal Dublin Fusiliers
R.D.Fus - Royal Dublin Fusiliers
R.E. - Royal Engineers
R.F. - Royal Fusiliers
R.F.A. - Royal Field Artillery
R.F.C. - Royal Flying Corps
R.F.R. - Royal Fleet Reserve
R.G.A. - Royal Garrison Artillery
R.H - Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
R.H.A. - Royal Horse Artillery
R.H.G. - Royal Horse Guards
R.H.R. - Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
R.I.N. - Royal Indian Navy
R.I.R. - Royal Irish Rifles
R.M. - Royal Marines
R.M.A. - Royal Marine Artillery
R.M.B. - Royal Marine Band
R.M.E. - Royal Marine Engineers
R.M.F - Royal Munster Fusiliers
R.M.L.I. - Royal Marine Light Infantry
R.M.S.M. - Royal Marine Submarine Miners
R.N. - Royal Navy
R.N.A.S. - Royal Naval Air Service
R.N.C.V.R. - Royal Navy Canadian Volunteer Reserve
R.N.D. - Royal Naval Division
R.N.F. - Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
R.N.M.W.S. - Royal Navy Mine Watching Service
R.N.P.S. - Royal Naval Patrol Service
R.N.R. - Royal Naval Reserve
R.N.R.T. - Royal Naval Reserve Trawler Section (WW1, forerunner of RNPS)
R.N.V.R. - Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
R.O.C. - Royal Observer Corps
R.R. OF CAV - Reserve Regiment of Cavalry
R.S. - Royal Scots
R.Scots - Royal Scots
R.S.F. - Royal Scots Fusiliers
R.S.Fus. - Royal Scots Fusiliers
R.T.R - Royal Tank Regiment
R.U.R. - Royal Ulster Rifles
R.W.Kents - Royal West Kent Regiment
R.War.R. - Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Rif. Brig. - Rifle Brigade
S.A.I. - South African Infantry
S.A.E. - South African Engineers (Corps)
S.A.S - Special Air Sevice
S.G. - Scots Guards
S.H. - Seaforth Highlanders
S.H. - Scottish Horse
S.R. - Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
S.S. - Steam Ship
Sco. H. - Scottish Horse
Sco Hse - Scottish Horse
Sco Rif - Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Sco. Gds. - Scots Guards
Sea. H. - Seaforth Highlanders
Sea. Hldrs - Seaforth Highlanders
Seaforths - Seaforth Highlanders
T.A.N.S. - Territorial Army Nursing Service
T.C. - Tank Corps
Tanks - Tank Corps
V.A.D. - Voluntary Aid Detachment
W.A.A.F - Women's Auxiliary Air Force
W.A.R. - West Africa Regiment
W.G. - Welsh Guards
W.I.R. - West India Regiment
W.R.N.S - Women’s Royal Naval Service
Y & L.R. - York and Lancaster Regiment
[bW.Y.R.[/b]- West Yorkshire Regiment
Yeo. - Yeomanry

Medals & Awards

A.F.C - Air Force Cross
C.B.E. - Commander of the Order of the British Empire
C.d.G. - Croix de Guerre
D.C.M. - Distinguished Conduct Medal
D.F.C. - Distinguished Flying Medal
D.F.M - Distinguished Service Medal
D.S.C. - Distinguished Service Cross
D.S.M. - Distinguished Service Medal
D.S.O. - Distinguished Service Order
G.C. - George Cross
G.M. - George Medal
K.B.E. - Knight of the Order of the British Empire
M.B.E. - Member of the Order of the British Empire
M.C. - Military Cross
M.M. - Miltary Medal
Med. Mil. - Medaille Militaire
O.B.E. - Officer of the Order of the British Empire
V.C. - Victoria Cross


2 Lt - Second Lieutenant
2/Lt - Second Lieutenant
A.B. - Able-bodied Seaman
A.C.1 - Aircraftman First Class
A.C.2 - Aircraftman Second Class
A.G. - Air Gunner
C.P.O. - Chief Petty Officer
C.S.M. - Company Sergeant Major
Capt - Captain
Cpl - Corporal
D.H. - Deck Hand
Dmr - Drummer
Dvr - Driver
E.R.A - Engine Room Artificer
F. Lt - Flight Lieutenant
F.O. - Flying Officer
F.S. - Flight Sergeant
Fl. Lt - Flight Lieutenant
Fl. Off. - Flying Officer
Fus - Fusilier
Gdsm - Guardsman
Gnr - Gunner
L.A.C. - Leading Aircraftman
L.S. - Leading Seaman
L/Cpl - Lance Corporal
L/Sgt - Lance Sergeant
Ldg Smn - Leading Seaman
Lt. - Lieutenant (not Leftenant as I saw on a UK news website recently!)
Lt. Col. - Lieutenat Colonel
Mjr. - Major
Mun Wkr - Munitions Worker
O.S. - Ordinary Seaman
Ord Smn - Ordinary Seaman
P.O. - Pilot Officer
P.O. - Petty Officer
Pte - Private
Pvt. - Private
R.S.M. - Regimental Sergeant Major
S.S. - Shoeing Smith or Farrier
S/FM - Senior Fireman
Sgt - Sergeant
Sig - Signaller / Signalman
Signr - Signaller
Sjt - Serjeant
Smn - Seaman
Sq Ldr - Squadron Leader
Tpr. - Trooper
W.O. - Warrant Officer
W.Op - Wireless Operator
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Adam Brown

Joined: 21 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well done Roxy, I haven't had a chance to copy all we need to from the other site. If you see anything else move it over.

We'll probably have to update it quite a lot since this list was pretty much drawn up for WW1 and WW2 war memorials rather than headstones covering any period.


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 3:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's a "unit text" I can't figure out. It's for Navy personnel.

H.M.M.L. 311.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

His Majesty's Motor Launch 311 I think.

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Joined: 02 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 06, 2009 10:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah, I had got as far as His Majesty's by looking at some on the list... nearly.

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Joined: 06 May 2009
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PostPosted: Wed May 06, 2009 10:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What a great list.

I tried some time ago to produce a list of RAF terms and abbreviations but stopped as there were to many variations of the same letters and people we always trying to correct them when in fact they had several meanings.

Regards Scott
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